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A molding process of the hot rolling pulley

Cold rolling process is to have hot rolling process is handled by the recrystallization, below the recrystallization temperature of the environment, further rounds of grinding materials using piezoelectric, also lets the material in the recrystallization process in accordance with the desired set of. So the hot rolling pulley of good quality, the product precision is compared to the size of higher product.

In the alloy after hot rolling through processing, need to change the physical properties of cold rolled alloy, the actual requirements in the application of the double right pulley function. In addition after processing through the hot rolling process, the function of the product can meet some special functional requirements. Through repeatedly cold pressure, recrystallization annealing, cold pressing (after repeated 2 to 3 times) processing, metal molecules of the material change, the formation of alloy materials with higher strength and physical properties changed. Hot rolling is higher than the metal alloy recrystallization temperature of the alloy softening under pressure wheel dip forming sheet or slab shaped cross section, although in the physical shape change, but not the physical properties of the alloy, the hot rolling pulley of the machining process is not only a hot, follow-up and a series of processing criterion and to enhance the strength of the pulley and improve the precision of dimension. The pulley and the current product has been widely used in small machinery, automobile and other scale, in the heavy lifting equipment application with spacious open-minded into diffuse space.

In the industrial production of hot-rolled pulley processing is mainly produced by the above process, have great effects on improving product quality

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