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Repair and maintenance of lifting equipment

On the emergence of steel wire aging, damage, 1 in the construction of the crane should be inspected regularly, acceptance. Hook damage insurance, equipment performance instability, timely maintenance and replacement. The detection is not up to the requirements of the safe use of equipment to be done.

Ensure the crane's normal operation. 2 lifting equipment maintenance work should be performed daily.

No work. Crane repair to find a professional repair personnel to repair, 3 for the use of the fault can not be normal use of the crane should be immediately shut down for repair. Non professional repair equipment is strictly prohibited in order to prevent the hidden dangers. To carry on the repair of the crane before use should also be tested, testing qualified to put into operation, the detection of substandard crane should be re repair, maintenance should be re acceptance. After the repair without inspection and acceptance of the crane can not be put into operation.

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