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Shenzhen Mao Rubber Co., Ltd. is Japan's JSR nitrile rubber, ethylene propylene rubber butyl rubber main dealer agents in China, Solvay Viton, PTFE powder Chinese agents, and specializes in the production and distribution of domestic and international mix other types of synthetic rubber, rubber chemicals and other raw materials.

Since its establishment, through continuous efforts and the support of friends together business scale continued to grow. Abroad, has the same number of manufacturers or their agents to maintain good trade partnership or established business relations, trade areas throughout Japan, Korea, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries; domestic, in addition to having a large number of downstream end-users, but in the east, South, South, Southwest and other regions and has more than two sales companies and brokers, formed a strong sales network. In order to achieve a diversified, multi-level development, the company is also under a South City, Pinghu, Shenzhen Branch, Shanghai Branch, Beijing Branch, Chengdu Branch, Vietnam Branch, Huizhou City, Mao Rubber Products Co., Ltd. to provide customers with a more comprehensive and efficient service.

"Mutual benefit and common development" is the company's business objectives.