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Domestic truck crane driver skills training needs to be improved

Since 2001, the rapid development of China's automobile crane manufacturing industry, has developed 8 tons of ~1600 tons, including various types of vehicles (full road) crane capacity. Following the United States, Japan, Germany and Germany after the three powers, China has quickly grown as a new crane manufacturing power. However, in the process of rapid development of the industry also gradually revealed some problems, hindering the healthy development of automobile crane manufacturing industry and hoisting industry.

New changes in the hoisting market

At the end of twentieth Century, China's lifting industry mainly concentrated and attached to the state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises and loading and unloading transportation company, professional qualification, equipment management is relatively standardized, industry concentration is high, the equipment model is small and the tonnage is small. With the rapid development of the national economic construction, the hoisting of the market unprecedented prosperity, the current stage of the car crane market saturation has reached more than 200 thousand units, the national hoisting industry annual output value of 100 billion yuan or more. At the same time, the hoisting of employees is also growing rapidly. New equipment in more than 90% by the individual user to buy, which (8 tons to 50 ton truck crane), medium and small tonnage products market possession rate is about 85% even in the current market downturn period, every year there are a certain number of migrant workers and laid-off workers joined the procession hoisting.

Big and not strong hoisting industry

The rapid expansion of the lifting market has also brought a lot of problems to the whole industry:

1 because there is no qualification of staff mixed, industry and technology level is not neat. Manufacturer's bows the head pays sales policy to make entry into the lift industry to lower the threshold, market practice tonnage hoisting equipment basically saturated, crane drivers, the overall technological level in state of decline.

2 disorderly unfair competition phenomenon, the shift cost to crane. To return the car owners to join some of the new loan industry, give money to work; it is difficult to achieve high quality excellent lifting operations. For example, 25 ton crane shift cost has dropped to 1000 yuan, with more than 10 years ago from 2000 to 2500 yuan shift cost decreased by more than half, if the equipment, fuel, and artificial increase in interest factors into account, project revenue decline is more apparent.

The 3 industry is not a reasonable profit, implies a hidden crisis and the development of safe operation. Equipment type small tons of large scale; practitioners in hoisting skills in a state of inertia, homework widespread load stretching, overload and other illegal operations.

The driver of the car crane market lacks good

Conservative truck crane practitioners are mainly distributed in Lianyungang, Jiangsu, Shandong Jiaxiang, Zhoukou, Henan and Anhui Mengcheng, local people the whole village, the entire village to exile around in crane truck rental business. Some buy Truck Crane engaged in the operation, some incarnation of the crane driver, these areas result hoisting boss and a large number of occupation operator. With the expansion of the scale of operation, a new phenomenon: good equipment easy to buy good car crane driver but one will be hard to find.

Truck crane operation environment difference and high labor intensity, the crane driver over the years has been in short, a monthly salary of the profession is currently a second tier country has risen to 4000 yuan to 7000 yuan, slightly higher than the local worker average wage.

The current skills level of automobile crane driver

Most of the domestic automobile crane drivers have not received crane occupation skill training professional at the same time, the lack of professional crane driver training school. Most practitioners through friends, followed the way of mentoring professor conservative.

Truck crane drivers need to have three cards (B according to driver's license, on the train operation certificate, qualification certificate) driver's license commonly known as off license, licence to operate commonly known as the car license. General to individual rental boss, can meet the demand for two cards. B2 above driver's license of learning, evidence collection cycle is longer; the car card study is relatively simple, the master of the apprentice simple introduce crane operation method, a few days later began to apprentice operate independently, and then look for opportunities to obtain the operation certificate and qualification certificate.

According to incomplete statistics, the automobile crane practitioners about half of undocumented operation, domestic hoisting construction team in a primitive state. In this way in training operators, born with a non-standard operation gene, professional training is lack of scientific, systematic, will be difficult to perform complex hoisting operation and special objects. Some large state-owned enterprises and the army had organized the training of automobile crane driver short-term inside technology, but this phenomenon in the whole lifting team in a very low proportion. From the macro perspective, it is imperative to establish the mechanism of China's lifting team skills training.

Skill training of automobile crane awkward

Norms of construction units will audit lifting enterprise leasing business qualification and manipulator of mount guard qualification, Ping An insurance company in the admissibility of truck crane accident claims, driving without a license the accident is not in the scope of claims. So the employees expect a "truck crane operation license"

Industry there have been multi sectoral permit, in order to strengthen the supervision and administration of the industry, the state of the unification of "truck crane operation license" to manage local and technical supervision, namely "special equipment operating personnel certificate (Q8) requirements apply for licensing personnel must have proof of employment units or professional training institutions, participate in Technical Supervision Bureau held exam qualification is rear can obtain. Bureau of technical supervision at the late stage of the computer-based test "is very strict, pass rate is not high, but there are also theoretical examination and skills light operation problem, and employees in the cultural level of partial

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